Have you suddenly found that you look older, duller? Does your foundation look scaly when you apply it? Do you have unwanted marks and acne? Then what you definitely need is a Facial Peel and while you’re at it – why not an At Home Facial Peel?

An at-home peel can uncover brighter more youthful skin without that expensive trip to the spa or doctor. You can sheer a few years off your face by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells, giving yourself a more radiant and smoother appearance which is the secret to your best skin yet. Pores expand as dirt accumulate in them and therefore the older you get, the more likely they are to remain enlarged. Peels minimizes pores, dark spots and diminishes the fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles.

Most women are under the impression that a facial peel can leave your skin red, blotchy and irritated but then … you have not used Sh’zen’s 7 Day Peel yet.

Sh’zen’s 7 Day Peel is an intensive but gentle-acting treatment, it restores radiance and vitality so that your skin will appear Younger, Brighter, Clearer, Smoother and More Even Toned.

The 7 Day Peel includes 7 x 7ml tubes.

Day 1 prepares your skin for the treatments to follow.

Day 2 is the first face of exfoliation – getting rid of dull skin.

Day 3 – the exfoliation process identifies and potent hydrators lock in moisture to protect your skin and keep it soft.

Day 4 – The skin’s natural processes are reawakened and new, healthy skin cells emerge.


Day 5 – Skin gets the full anti-aging benefit of natural hydroxyl acids that brighten and even out tone.

Day 6 – Skin is re-energised and illuminated it looks dewy and radiates health and vitality.

Day 7 – Skin glowing with youthful radiance is revealed as the concentration of exfoliating acids reaches its peak.

You will look and feel like a new women – ready to take on the world!

Lindie Wrensch is your Sh’zen agent in Klerksdorp, Stilfontein, Orkney and Potchefstroom. Please contact her for all your beauty needs on her group on Facebook or send her an email.