Washing of Reservoirs – Stilfontein – Kanana – Orkney

To whom it may concern.
We received information on Friday (06 April 2018) that the reservoirs should be washed every year in order to guarantee their hygiene and also to make the water safe for human consumption.
The information that we received is, that there is a report submitted to The Water Department that the Reservoirs at Stilfontein, Orkney and Kanana were washed, but that this report – that was submitted to the department – is false as the washing of reservoirs did not take place.
Please can that report be scrutinized for truth and the people responsible for submitting a false report (if found to be false) be taken to task.
This is an unacceptable position as it influences the health of the residents in this area.
We also respectfully request that a report regarding this be made publicly available for the residents of Matlosana.

Reference nr: MPRRH000WGWS40

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Municipal Administration, Afriforum, Health Services, Municipal Water
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