Traffic Signals & Signs Campaign

1. 32 ingle ave, ellaton. Stop sign missing/removed.
2. Plomer en Boshoff geen stop teken. Die een is die gevaarlike een want die mense ry net voor die besige Boshoff verkeer in.
3. Lautz laan en Boshoff in albei rigtings geen stop tekens.
4. Scott Street WILKOPPIES. All signs with speed limit stolen approaching Wesvalia High school. Speed limit is 30.
5. Stop signs at c/o Kleynhans and Viljoen at the THS Gate have been missing for more than a year and have been reported numerous times.
6. C/o Goosen & Claassen, Flamwood – streetsign and streetlight driven over. Lying on sidewalk.

Reference nr: MPRRH0000S8KSW

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