Massive ditch in street – CO Elm and Latham

Huge ditch in road. Vehicles have to drive on wrong side of street to avoid it. Please can urgent attention … Read More

Sidewalk not fixed after water leak – 59 Central Ave

59 central ave. Pavement is still a danger to pedestrians and cars alike. See Pictures Reference nr: MPRRH0004GOWC4 Report History … Read More

Illegal Dumping – Irenepark

Open property on the corner of Friedman and Cuckoo street that is now being used as a dumping area. The … Read More

Open Power Boks – C/O Friedman & Chris Hani – Ward 39

Electrical Power Supply box open – please see pictures Reference nr: MPRRH0000C8S0O Report History Report nr: 2 Previous Reports: 30 … Read More

Street not fixed after water leak – 40 May Ave – Adamayview

Voor may straat 40 in adamayview het n stormwater pyp gebars 3 maande terug al.gat word al hoe groter.krag kabel … Read More

Water Leak – CO Flora & Platan – Adamyview

Water running down street Reference nr: MPRRH000 Report History Report nr: 1 Previous Reports: Sent to Department(s) Municipal Administration, Municipal … Read More

Water leak – Burst through Tar – Dorah Thamane st – At MCC Spar – Ward 39

In front of the Solly Kramer Bottle store, at the stop street. Water leak has burst through the tar half … Read More

Dangerous Electrical Connection – Jan De Wet str – Flamwood

Water department worked on a water leak at SonRyk Flats in Jan de Wet str, Flamwood. They accidentally chopped off … Read More

Sewerage leak – Henry str – IrenePark
| |

Sewerage from main piple line (Henry Str) pushing up into properties in Elim street. Reference nr: MPRRH0004KC0OC Report History Report … Read More

Dangerous Electrical Connection – Sara str – Flamwood

Friday morning (13 April 2018) the electricity went out in our street (Sarah, Flamwood). We phoned it in and were … Read More

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