7 Rooibos str Doringkruin
More die lig in De Waal straat 76/78 buite werking vir meer as 6 weke
Street light not working, 7,9 Rooibos str, Doringkruin
10 Carolinastr, Elandia, street light still not working, struck by bakkie, pole right off. Was reported.
17 Oleander str Doringkruin
32 Ametis Street Wilkoppies
7 Clement street Ellaton
17b Harry Street, Meiringspark ext 5, street light not working
15 Harry Street, Meiringspark ext 5, Street light not working
136 & 138 Jasmyn Street, Flimieda. Street light not working
Corner of 11 Jill and Rosemary 1 street light not working.
30 Flamwood drive the light right by the driveway isn't working and the light in front of 35 Monica ave as well.
Deadend in Homan street in front of house number 84 oppisite Sunrise terrace Oudorp.1 Light not working.Another one been vandalised next to power station.
101 Mikro street Lahoff
7 & 9 Karee Ave Doringkruin..Lights not working for months now.
16 Mopane street, Doringkruin. Street light not working, as most of the lights in the street.
Oosthuizenlaan 58 Songloed light not working
Opisite numbers 3 & 4 Van Der Heever Ave Flimieda – Street light not working.
Van Eeden street 20 , streetlight not working
Street light outside 4 van der Walt St Declerqville. 7 months and counting.
Most street lights out in Radloff Street Wilkoppies
26 Poplarst streetlight not working
20 Camelia Ave, Doringkruin – street light not working
9 Dickens ave Orkney street light not working
Whole Petunia Avenue street lights not working.
72, 80, 82B and 86 Hendrik Potgieter Rd, Oudorp. Street lights not working.
38 Elysia Ave, Flamwood – Street Light not working
36 Elysia Ave, Flamwood – Street Light not working
Whole Elandshuevel st, Elandia, Street lights not working
Streetlights in Ian street not working from no 69 at Wistaria Street right down to vlei street crossing. Possible switch trip?
82B Perdeskoen Rd, Oudorp. Street light not working.
33 Miemie Avenue Flimieda,street light not working
2 wilgerivier street light not working for almost a year now
82B Perdeskoen Rd, Oudorp. Street light not working.
63 Johannesburg Road, Irene Park. Street light not working. Thank you
Your REF No. is
2019042375000266 ,Regards Kaunda District Customer Care. 2b langenhoven (jo de park)komplex la hoff street light not working

Reference nr: MPRRH00084WG8O

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