1 cnr marlow and marais stre orkeny ext 1 storm water drain and dumping on sidewalk
2 Trees needs to be trimmed in GJ Beukes, Branches damages cars
3 28 Hartley street to be fixed after water leak was fixed. Still open and sidewalk and street not fixed
4 Lower Ametis street about no 58 potholes
5 Ametis street in front of Absa potholes
6 51 Monica ave severely overgrown sidewalk and vacant property
7 21 Wisteriastreet under the road surface has already disintegrated water under road
8 Comium road Uraniaville – no road left
9 11 Amanda ave Lahoff potholes
10 88 and 86 Elandsheuwel street Side walk not fixed after water leak fixed
11 co Moore and Milton Storm water drain so terribly filled with debris you cant even see it
12 co Ismail agmed street and minty street Manzilpark potholes

Reference nr: MPRRH000W8KKOK

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