My sidewalk was dug up during july for water problem still not closed. 11 nienaber street neserhof

Street and pavement not fixed after water leak. Corner Williams and Hartleystreets, Wilkoppies
Huge pieces of tar on pavement as well.

Corner of Sylvester and Chaucer we are 105. Municipality did this when there were n huge water leakage in Stevenson they broke velve en said thy will come back its n few months back meanwile water leaking on our pavement.

C/o Marlow and Marais str in Orkney. Dumping site and used by recycling people. Stormwater drain broken/open

16 Mopane street, Doringkruin. Manhole in sidewalk has no cover.

86 Hendrik Potgieter Rd, Oudorp. Owner dumped building rubble onto pavement a few months ago, and it is spillling over into the street.

Chromium road uraniaville the whole road

Waterdrain open corner Leemhuisstr and Devon avenue. Infront of cafe.

C/O Moore and Milton Avenue, Orkney. Storm drain broken and blocked.

Monica Avenue 4 Wilkoppies. Storm water drain open

Corner of Stilfontein weg and Van Zyl str. .. Manhole cover missing in street.

Reference nr: MPRRH00004KKG0

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