Street Lights not Working – Various Addresses – 14 to 18 May 2018

1. 17 Blom street, Meiringspark. Street lights not working
2. 30 Eyberstraat lahoff klerksdorp. Straat lig dood.
3. 35 and 36 Frits Street Elandsheuwel both streetlights on the corners
4. 1 Johnston Street, Elandia. Street lights not working
5. Al die straatligte om die Oudorp koppie, Dit is die gedeelte tussen die laaste huis in Hendrik Potgieterpad 123 en Swartstraat 1,
6. 31 Pope avenue Orkney, streetlight not working
7. konigstraat, 9 tot 18, Elandsheuvel – Streetlights not working
8. Whole street Lombard str, Stilfontein, Street lights not working.
9. 22 Hood Street Orkney. Street light not working. Sometimes a mere flickering.
10. 41 odendaal straat La Hoff Straat lig dood
11. De Chavonnestr Stilfontein van nr 1 tot 29 geen straatligte brand nie almal is af.
12. 22 Kolonel Nel, Neserhof , street light not working.
13. 72 Kielblock, La Hoff, lig gaan aan en af heel tyd
14. Komatie street 8, Randlespark, Street lights not working
15. 5 Eybers street La Hoff, street light not working.
16. c/o Miemie & Van der Heever avenue. Both corner lights out for a long time and very dangerous during night time due to the STOP that motorists not see and drive over without stopping.
17. 12 Angus street. Oudorp. Street lights not working
18. Cnr Poplar and Dandelion, Songloed, Streetlight not working
19. 76 Kielblock str, La Hoff, street light not working
20. 35 Campion Street, Orkney, Street lights not working
21. 9 Henry str, Irene Park, Street light not working
22. 97 Dickenlane, Golfpark, Street light not working
23. 39 Orchid street. Reporting now for the 7th time.
24. Streetlights off from New CRC Church (Old Servaas gym) up so Smit Avenue for quite a while now.
25. Loganstr 16, Declerqville Street light not working
26. 37 Smitsreet, Flamwood, Street light not working
27. 173 Byron Ave Orkney not working
28. 22 Kolonel Nel , Neserhof , street light not working
29. 5,7 9,11 & 13 Servaas St. Flamwood. Streetlights out for months.
30. 171 byron ave orkney. Streetlight not working
31. 32 Stegmann Crescent, Neserhof, Street light not working.
32. 6 Langenhoven Rd, Stilfontein, Street light pole is hanging
33. Lida st 28 flimieda
34. Jasmyn sy 101 flimieda
36. 10 a servaas str flamwood 2 straat ligte werk ni….vi baue lank al
37. 12 servaas str lig werk ni…flamwood asb
38. Two street lights out of order. Lamp pole infront of 38 von Wielligh ave and infront of 26 Iris street both in Flamieda.
39. 22 Hood Street. Orkney. Street light not working. Sometimes a flickering
40. None of the lights in Charl de Klerk Street work
41. The lights don't work at the north end of Goue next to Senwes
42. The lights don't work in Chris Hani at the T-junction of Michael Streets
43. There are no street lights on Chris Hani after Voss Street. Is it possible to install some cats eyes on the stretch of road before the traffic lights please?
44. Von wielligh avenue 60 a Flimieda
45. Vanaf Shirleylaan 2 is ligte dood enkele een of twee wat brand laer in straat en dan weer tot einde van Shirley is dit dood tot waar dit in Rinastraat kruis.
46. 67 Smitlaan Flamwood … STRAATLIG BUITE WERKING
47. Boekenhoutweg 9, Doringkruin
48. Ext 22 jouberton Madeira street ward 7
49. 36 Oom Jacob Str Meiringspark streetlight out of order for 3 years

Reference nr: MPRRH0000COGSS

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