Street Light Campaign – Streetlights not working – 07 – 11 MAY 2018

1. 17 Blom street Freemanville. Street light not working
2. 173 Byron Ave Orkney not working
3. Keurboom str. Doringkruin – whole street without lights
4. Orchid str, Doringkruin – whole street – lights not working
5. 12 Lida straat, Flimieda. Street light not working
6. 13B Harry Street, Meiringspark Ext 5, Electrical Fault at pole.
7. Amandel Street, Entire street from corner of Meiring and Harry Streets, Meiringspark, Street Lights not working
8. Streetlights still not working at: Lower portion of Oosthuizen Laan towards the plots. From 4 van der Walt St downwards. Whitfield St lower portion towards the plots.
9. 151 Goedehoop str, Oudorp, street light burned out in January, not working
10. 11 Komati Randlespark not working
11. 12 vd Heever str Orkney street light not working
12. 23 Hibiscus Ave Doringkruin Streetlight not working
13. Porterlaan,Declerqville buite werking (I’m not sure which one, or if it is the whole street – let’s see in the next report)
14. 12 Pointsettia straat street light not working
15. 22 Hood Street Orkney. Light not working. Sometimes flickering.
16. 72 Kielblock, La Hoff, Light goes on and off
17. Voor Soetdoring laan 25 se straatlig werk nie
18. Riet str 5, Stilfontein, Streetlight not working
19. 173 Byron ave. Streetlight not working
20. 171 Byron ave. Orkney Streetlight not working
21. 97 Dickenslane; Golfpark; Orkney; streetlight not working
22. 29 Karob avenue, Doringkruin, Klerksdorp. Street light Not working
23. Corner of Umgeni st and Komati st on Umgeni's side, Stilfontein – Pole skew and hanging at a angle.
24. 7 Molopo Street, Randlespark, street light not working
25. 2 Owen Single, Dawkinsville, street light not working
26. 21 Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street Wilkoppies outside The Palms Guesthouse
27. 67 Flora Avenue, Adamayview, Street light not working
28. 67 Smitlaan… Flamwood .. Streetlight not working
29. 73 Ian street, Flimieda streetlight not working
30. 41 odendaal street la hoff street light not working
31. 21 and 23 Ivan Walker str,Dawkinsville street lights not working
32. 6A Apiesdoring street, Doringkruin, light not working
33. 61 & 59 Flora avenue; Adamayview
34. STREETLIGHT PROBLEMS– 22 Kolenel Nel ,neserhof (Not sure what the problems are – we will check the next report)
35. Wessels str 87 and 89 meiringspark both not working
36. 35 Campion Street, Orkney, Street light not working
37. Theresia street Wilkoppies 5 of 8 not working
38. 101 Mimosa Str, Alabama, street lights not working
39. 18 Landsdowne Str, Alabama, Streetlight not working
40. Opkoms Str, Alabama, Streetlights not working
41. Lida st 28 Flimieda.Asb – Not sure what the problem is – we’ll check the next report
42. Jasmyn 101 flimieda – Not sure what the problem is – we’ll check the next report
43. 23 Camelia avenue, Doringkruin, street light not working
44. 58 Oosthuizen Ave. Songloed – Not sure what the problem is – we’ll check the next report
45. 90 Homan Oudorp – Not sure what the problem is – we’ll check the next report
46. Vanaf Shirleylaan 2' Flamwood – tot om die draai by Shirleylaan – is die straatligte dood. Dan weer btand n paar en op die punt van Shirleylaan is al die ligte weer dood – waar shirley in Rinastraat inkom.
47. 44 Nieurust Str, Alabama, Streetlights is not working.
48. Wentworth Str, Alabama, Whole street lights not working
49. Colridge Str, Alabama, Whole street lights not working
50. Straatligte Felicia str 4, Flamwood – talking about ‘herstel’ – but now sure if it is the light, the pole … let’s check next report.
51. Ismail Ahmed, Ramjee and Patel street Manzilpark – No lights in the whole of these streets
52. Ingle laan 28, Ellaton – Also not sure what the problem is, maybe the complainant will be more thorough in the next report
53. 5A Eybers street, La Hoff, street light not working
54. 5 and 11 Pienaarstreet, Stilfontein, street light not working
55. 63 Johannesburg Road, Irene Park– Also not sure what the problem is, maybe the complainant will be more thorough in the next report
56. Die hele Shirleylaan in Flamwood werk nie
57. Loganstr 16 Declerqville streetlight not working
58. In Servaas street – near the church – no numbers – streetlights not working
59. Von wielligh avenue 60 a and 60 b Flimieda .From this adres towards Odendaal street – I assume the street lights aren’tw working
60. Street light dead at 9 Boekenhout Avenue, Doringkruin
61. Monica 62 Flamwood, straatlig werk nie
62. 8 Porter Avenue, Declerqville. Entire block without lights

Reference nr: MPRRH000SW44OW

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