Sidewalk Problems – Various Addresses – Various Areas

(1) 18 Zinnia str, Adamayview – Sidewalk not fixed (gaping hole left) after water leak was fixed.
(2) 15 – 17 Siddle street – Sidewalk disintegration due to constant leak
(3) 59 Central Ave, Flamwood, Foodzone – Storm water drain broken
(4) 17 B Harry Str, Meiringspark – Reported for months on end. The sidewalks are in dire need of cutting.
(5) C/o Mildred & Frans, Wilkeville – Totally overgrown – needs urgent cutting.
(6) Suikerbos 30, Flimieda – Huge hole left after water leak was fixed – also reported repeatedly
(7) 13 Adriaan str, Irenepark – Huge hole left after water leak was fixed – months now.
(8) H/v Marlow & Marais, Orkney – Complain submitted, but now description
(9) 34 Suikerbos, Flimieda – People are unable to use the entrance to their property. Holes left after fixing water leak. Also reported numerous times.
(10) Lorrence Rd, Ornkey – Dangerous hole and safety risk

Reference nr: MPRRH00048KS08

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