Robots & Traffic signs – Time frams 25 July – 03 Aug

1. 15 Radloff str, Wilkoppies – Stop sign missing/removed
2. Flamwood, cnr of Rina and Victoria , stopsign missing and no roadmarking. 3 way stop
3. Stopgeken by h/v Logan en Oosthuizen str (Songloed) is weg, en 'STOP' geskryf op die teer is kwalik sigbaar.
4. Corner Gerald and Pelser street, Flamwood – stop sign them bed no road marking4.
5. 32 ingle ave, ellaton. Stop sign missing/removed and road markings faded.
6. Road markings on N12 East from Oranje Toyota up to the newly tarred road at Taxi rank. At night time it is impossable to see the lane's .
7. Road markings on corner of highway and Latham ,nothing can be seen.Intersection at Kentucky.
8. Stop signs stolen & poor markings, Corner of Von Wielligh and Iris street
9. Stop signs stolen & poor markings. Corner of Von Wielligh and Odendaal street, La hoff

Reference nr: MPRRH0008GS4SO

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