Robots not working N12 – Intersections mentioned in message

Robot not working – yet again.

Reference nr: MPRRH000CK4S84

Report History

Report nr: 2 Previous Reports: The robots on the N12 have been reported in December 2017
Specifically the one at the Mall was reported in January 2018. Sent to Department(s) Municipal Administration, Traffic & Security, Electrical Engineering SMS Sent to


When we reported this robot in January 2018, we received and answer from mr Moolman, City of Matlosana, Building Technician, Test & Protection which was: This Robot is not the property of the city council of Matlosana, it belongs to the N12 Mall management. Thank you

Surely, a mere flick of the shoulders is not enough for tax paying residents of Matlosana? Can any feedback be given as to what the residents must do to be heard about the robot that is not working. In fact ALL the robots that aren't working on the N12?

Basically, as a tax paying resident, I think I speak for all tax paying residents in Matlosana when I say – this treatment is appalling and certainly not expected from a person in service of the Municipality.

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Fault reported by: Michell Jonk Duffy

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