Potholes – Various addresses

5 Michael str Wilkoppies
In front of Rose Mary's also Michael str Wilkoppies
There is no way to avoid them
Orkney op die hoek van De Waalstr en G,A,Watermeyerstraat – a huge hole in the middle of the road, grass very high and when you turn out of GA Watermeyer into De Waal – making it a dangerous crossing as it is hampering our view and oncoming traffic cannot be seen.
Pot holes horrific in Flemming str La Hoff. Plse report so holes / mini craters can be fixed.
Potholes in both lanes in front of 5 Michael street Wilkoppies. Also huge potholes in Michael street in front of RoseMary's
Iris street – huge potholes spanning the lane. We have to drive in oncoming lane to avoid these potholes.
Kruising van Rowe straat en Desmond Tutu in Neserhof is so vol potholes dat die karre moet uitswaai om net deur te ry. Asb rapporteer dringend.
Zena street – Flamwood

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