Klerksdorp Nutsdiens – Exceptional Service – High Five

Klekrsdorp-Online-High-fiveThe other day, as luck might have it, I decided to move (newish) furniture into my home and move the old outside. Everything was full of dust and – as you know – when you move stuff, you actually realise how ‘unclean’ your home is. Even if you have someone that cleans your home on a regular basis, you see that nothing is ever moved away, the dust just creeps in everywhere.

Then I decided to contact Klerksdorp Nutsdiens. What an awesome team! They immediately agreed on a price and arrived at 10:30. At 13:00 my whole home was sparkling clean.

I was delighted when I saw that they moved furniture to clean behind it. They cleaned light switches, dusted high and low … even my curtains!

I recommend These four ladies from Klerksdorp Nutsdiens with a smile in my heart. I know that they will grow from strength to strength.

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You can also contact Linda Lubbe @ 0845135235