In and around the home/In en om die huis

In and around the home/In en om die huis

Handy tips/Handige wenke

Give your plants a boost with methylated spirits.

Erica says: I feed my Ferns methylated spirits. 1lt water, 1tsp methylated spirits. Only give once a month. It makes them grow well and they look healthy.

Bronwyn says: I Don’t know what it does to the plants. In 1994, my old neighbour asked me to buy a bottle of methylated spirits for him because his son never watered the plants when they were on holiday and the plants needed a boost. He mixes 2 liters of water with a tablespoon of spirits and gives it to his plants every 3rd week. I have been bringing plants back to life ever since he told me about it. It Really works … but I have never given it to newly planted seeds.

Raak ontslae van onkruid tussen plaveisel stene

Meng 1 koppie asyn, 2 teelepels engelse sout en 1 teelepel skottelgoedseep. Spuit die mengsel op die onkruid. Die asyn maak die onkruid dood, die engelse sout verseker dat die asyn tot by die wortels geabsorbeer word en die skottelgoedseep laat die mengsel aan die blare vasklou. WEES VERSIGTIG om dit nie op ander plante te spuit nie, want dit maak alles dood!

Sukkel jy om jou hare te laat groei?

Meng 1 x 100 ml Bayrum, 1 x 20ml Bergamot essense met 1 x Placenta Ampulle in ‘n spuitbottel. Spuit aan na elke was en los dit aan. (Skerp reuk verdwyn heeltemal wanneer hare droog is)

Get rid of cockroaches

This recipe is by Vital:

Cockroach repellent

Mix 2 parts borax, 1 part flour and 1 part sugar together and sprinkle in the appropriate areas. Repeat as necessary. Keep children and pets well away!