Hope for ‘Piece Workers’ in Klerksdorp

Hope for ‘Piece Workers’ in Klerksdorp

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HandyPeople – A new and exciting initiative brought to you by Klerksdorp Online!

Klerksdorp Online HandyPeople’s vision is to establish a safe online environment where piece work employers and piece workers can connect, communicate and negotiate terms and conditions regarding work and services that need to be rendered.

To truly understand the unemployment problem, you only need to get into your car and drive through Klerksdorp. Everywhere you will see people with placards asking for work. But, due to the criminal activities on the rise on a daily basis, potential piece work employers are wary to get someone from the street to do the work.

Klerksdorp Online’s HandyMan online environment will better the chances of these piece workers to generate an income and maybe find more permanent positions. With this online environment, they will be able to get exposure and prospective piece work employers can contact them directly.

Even though Klerksdorp Online HandyMan cannot guarantee that all the ‘piece workers’ are safe, we do require them to hand in their CV’s with proof of residence and contactable referrals.

Klerksdorp Online HandyMan is a free service for the community, however, should you require us to send sms’s to prospective piece workers, you will be required to make a donation. These donations will also be put to manage this online environment.

Prospective piece workers should note that Klerksdorp Online HandyMan does not promise employment and no work contracts will be signed between Klerksdorp Online HandyMan and piece workers. Klerksdorp Online Handyman is a marketing initiative to promote piece worker’s abilities to the residents of the KOSH area.

Piece workers are invited to submit their CV’s, copy of proof of residence and certified copies of ID’s on the 19th and 22nd of October between 9:00 and 11:00 at 6 Van Zyl Street, Pienaarsdorp. Please note that no interviews will be done and no photocopies will be made here.

For more information visit our website.

Piece workers can download the application form that has to be submitted with certified copy of ID, copy of proof of residence and contactable referrals.