General Hygiene Campaigne

Overgrowing grass on corner of Lautzlaan opposite Ok Bazaar.
37 Frits Street Elandsheuwel overgrown property. No higiene yard used as toilet. Dumping of garbage
Mikro street 101 Lahoff. Over grown empty stand, pest infestation and used as illegal dumping site.
C/o Mikro and Von Wielligh streets Vacant property overgrown. That’s where all the Parkrun cars must park.
Afgebreekte dwelhuis in Cuckoo straat. Die sypaadjie gras al oor ń meter hoog…
Theo str se oop stuk erf wat onderste en boonste deel van Theo str Wilkoppies skei.Die oop erf lok slange en ongewenste wesens daar en lyk sleg met die bosse en gras wat so lank is.
Park in sports street in flamwood long overgrown grass
Vacant property between 2 and 4 Van Bruggen Street, Orkney. Overgrown, illegal dumping and illegal recycling.
Park in Odendaalstreet lahoff overgrown.
16 ENDYMION Street, DeClerqville. Residential property, overgrown, pest infestation, i.e. snakes, rats and ticks, dumping of rubbish, unbearable stench. I suspect the body of a dead dog somewhere in the high grass as there was a dog until a couple of days ago, but now it is gone. Really terribly unhygienic and dangerous for neighbours.
24 Harry Street, Meiringspark, Empty property overgrown
19 Harry Street, Meiringspark, empty property overgrown
22 Couzyn St Elandia. Squatters for years. What is the point of complaining as nothing is done!

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