General Hygiene Campaigne 2 till 10 January 2019

Oop veld langs Wesvalia skool in Readmanstr word as stortingsterrein gebruik.

Illegal dumping
Abacus plotte, Scott Street, Wilkoppies.
No numbers but land belongs to property developers
Opposite Arnold & Wessels Printers, New Klerksdorp Record offices.

Unhygienic sewerage situation
Same area in Scott Street.
The main sewerage pipeline from Austin leading to Readman underneath Wesvalia High school sportgrounds blocked for 3 years now.
Raw sewerage spilling above ground plots 26, 27

H/v Muranti en Ametisstraat. Doringkruin Daar is hope en hope tuinvullis wat daar gestort word

13b Horwitz St, Flamwood, Empty property overgrown.

Reference nr: MPRRH000S0OWCW

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