general hygiene campaign 24.6.2019

Overgrown and illegal dumping, Benstreet 11, Wilkoppies. Area next to Simbali in Wilkoppies.
101 Mikro street Lahoff. Overgrown and unhygienic. Illegal dumping site
56 Oosthuizen Street, Songloed. Occupied property overgrown
c/O Koekemoer and Marais Street, Collerville. Unhygienic living conditions and overgrown occupied property.
Theunnisen Street, Elandia / Elandsheuwel. At the koppie area, illegal dumping. Disgusting
22 Couzyn St Elandia. Illegal squatters for YEARS now! No action taken by the municipality. WHY NO
29 Camelia Ave, Doringkruin – 2. Vacant property overgrown
Corner Buffeldoorn and Yosef Dadoo there is a person sleeping on the left hand side turning of Yosef Dadoo in to Buffeldoorn not very hygenic 😮😮 There is a water leak on the same corner. Steadely becoming a bigger problem.

Reference nr: MPRRH000KCCKW8

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