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Ons sit ook met die geval persoon weier om gras te sny binne-buite erf (Unhygienic and overgrown property
29 Camelia Ave, Doringkruin vacant property overgrown
C/o Boekenhout & Apiesdoring street, Doringkruin vacant property overgrown
Please report the Tree is closing the street light at Blake str 12 Orkney , it was reported at KK to Nthabeng at 13h13 an did not receive any Ref no yet.
There's a problem in Rottangburg Street 4 Flamwood there is a panelbeater's and scrapyard business that do business in an unhealthy thilthy residential yard with a huge amount guys staying on premises. The neighborhood can't live with the fumes of the spray painting……. and can't even put the laundry on the line.
Overgrown stand in Rosen Street, next to Silwer Jare and Rethabile Kinderhuis, opposite Klerksdorp Tehuis vir Bejaardes
76 Buffeldoornweg, Flamwood, dis baie erg oorgroei, takke is afgesaag en net so gelos. Rotte en muise, vieslik, vieslik. Al versieie kere gerapporteer en eienaar gekontak. Hy het nie n saak met die situasie nie, hy ignoreer die probleem.
29 Lida flimieda baie erg buite en binne erf gras baieeee lank
24 Harry Street, Meiringspark ext 5, vacant property overgrown
19 Harry Street, Meiringspark ext 5, vacant property ovedgrown

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