Cleanup requested in various areas Orkney as listed below

Please arrange the Park at Milton road ,Lilly rd and the rail way line to be cleaned an the grass to be cut at Orkney Civil whall Ward 28 , Matlosana .

Please arrange the removel and cut of the trees and branchs due to the road saftey( obstruction) from the Massfeld and Laurwerce road stops in Lovelace road . Orkney Ward 29 . Matlosana,

Please arrange to clean the side walk poluted with bushes in the area at PJ Schoeman road thrown over the rail by railway when they cleaned the railway, Orkney Ward 29 , Matlosana.The Residents in that street do not have the means finances or vehicles to remove it

Please clean the area next to the railway and opposite Wordswarth ave 76, 78 and 80 . Orkney. Ward 29 Matlosana. D Steenkamp.

Reference nr: MPRRH000SWGGS4

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Fault reported by: Manie Klingbiel

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