Please attend to the sub standard building and illegal shelter for criminals c/o Book and Chauser ave Orkney Manie Klingbiel
Please attend to squating on open site for criminals c/o Hood and Shelly Orkney Manie Klingbiel
Please attend to the substandard building and shelter 37 Byron Orkney Manie Klingbiel
Dumping on sidewalk around substation Wordworth and Tennyson Orkney Manie Klingbiel
Please clean side walk PJ Schoeman by Railway Orkney park Manie Klingbiel
Illegal business in Kingsley road in front of Checkers creating a security risk for residents
Illegal squating during the day on grass by municipal offices creates a security risk for residents who want to go pay their accounts c/o Kingsley and Yeats Manie Klingbiel

Reference nr: MPRRH0000WSW0C

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